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Apex Art

'Bitcoin will be the catalyst of Renaissance 2.0,
a digital Renaissance impacting the real world.
It will herald the apex of humanity.'

Have you ever wondered why art and architecture are no longer produced in such a lavish, ostentatious way with attention to detail? It's due to centuries ago, the people of the world had hard money as the basis of a flourishing civilization. A civilization that could put time and energy into talents and interests because their money did not bind them to an ever growing hamster wheel.

With increasing intervention by states and banks, our money lost quality and gained quantity, so did art. But this doesn't have to be..

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'There is nothing more honest and pure than Proof-of-Work.'

Who am I? I don't really know myself, as Bitcoin has been shaping me increasingly and in ever new facets for several years now, along with the realization of constant personal development and self-reflection. What I do know is that I love Bitcoin and art. That brings us to the quintessence of my work.


An artist from Germany, in the early stages of his fourth decade of life, who is drawn to the strong singularity of the "Bitcoin Black Hole" so that he feels a deep urge to be an active part of arguably the greatest renaissance in living memory.

The best way to do this should be with interests and talents - my talent is drawing.


I specialize in pencil.


Simple, straightforward, elegant and yet capable of conjuring up true proof-of-work masterpieces, much like the lifeblood of Bitcoin.

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Since I am only at the beginning of my journey as a Bitcoin artist, I would like to dedicate some time and work to build a portfolio of artwork. For this reason I am not accepting any commissions at the moment. In general, I'm more the type of artist who likes to realize what is in his head freely and arbitrarily, instead of following guidelines.


Nevertheless, there will certainly be commissioned works in the future!


Yes, indeed! Bitcoin has motivated me enormously to start drawing again and only through Bitcoin this is also possible for me in time to a much greater extent. Just the infinite number of approaches how to represent Bitcoin artistically, already provides inspiration and material for a lifetime and those after.


Out of conviction, morals and dedication there will only be Bitcoin-art from me. No casual art. No NFT. No Shitcoinery. 


There are prints of all my drawings. In addition to the usual prints on normal photographic paper, I also offer a hand-signed, numbered edition of the finest Hahnemuehle art prints, limited to 21, for most of my works.


All my prints are currently - like my original drawings - in german metric A3 format (29.7x42cm / 11.6x16.5 inches), but can also be customized and resized if desired.


If you have any questions about a copy/print, please contact me using the contact details.

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For more information about my Proof-of-Work,
feel free to get in touch with me.

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